Rose Tattoo Aftercare Feedback

Rose Tattoo Aftercare is amazing!  Certified Organic by USDA…..Wow! 2 perfect size tins – 1/2oz and 1oz depends of the size of your project; based on Organic Lavender and Organic Rose Oil for better healing…….that’s the best specialized tattoo aftercare product in the Industry!
I've been using Rose Tattoo Aftercare and referring it to my customers for several months. …it is much better as compared to the other tattoo salves on the market.  No doubt!!  And it makes a big difference.
Teodor ‘Mustafa’  Tattoo Artist

Not only do we love your products, but you guys are doing a great job with customer service and have an easy web site to use.

Steave and Suzzy “Max Pain” Studio

Hello, Rose Tattoo Aftercare
Just wanted to say "thank you" for creating such a wonderful product. I use RTA on my new tattoo and find it to be so helpful. LOVE the Organic-ness of it! When a wonderfully healthy product is created, I believe in acknowledging how much is appreciated!!!


I got a tattoo on Monday...and just under 48 hours later the difference is amazing!
Honestly, I'm completely pain-free and the tattoo has started to heal! Rose Tattoo Aftercare is fantastic.
Ron B.

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!! You can feel the difference between your Tattoo Aftercare and the rest. I love it!! Thanks for doing amazing things for our passion. Love the scent of Rose!

Ivan Garenski

I just wanted to thank you for making environment friendly and cruelty free products! I bought the Rose Tattoo Aftercare” this Christmas from your site. I wasn’t sure when I’m going to do my first tattoo but I wanted it so strong. (I was a little scared about the pain and the healing process). Last Friday, it happened. Now, I’m following your aftercare directions and it woks amazing! Thanks again for your compassion toward the environment and the wildlife within it:)

Hey dude,
I never like products like yours - products created just for making money. I was sure that whatever I’m using it’s the same. Noooo…….wrong, wrong, wrong! This crazy balm is different  - I tried it on my sleeve. Pffuuuu ….the colors and skin… love it.

R. B.‘Ace’

i love your products; have been selling them for about 2 months in my store and I’m going to place my next bulk order. My customers love it; even though, it’s a natural store – not a tattoo shop. To be honest – I don’t have any tattoos but i have designated one tin to use on my very dry feet. it is better than anything i have ever tried.

Carry “One Green World”/ Canada

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!  Both versions smell fabulous and their healing properties are amazing.  This is the second time I am using your products and the rose flavor is my absolute favorite (strongly recommend it to anyone). I was surprised to find out that you actually use real rose oil in it.  I love the fact that you use simple, pure and natural ingredients.  Thank you!

Malina K

I’ve got my first tattoo 15 years ago and since then I just could not stop tattooing my body.  I have tried almost everything.  I am glad I found you because this tattoo care is far better than the rest.  Excellent product!

Gregor Roo